Courses in this Program:

Lessons in App Launch Academy:

  1. 1 Introduction to Mobile App and Software Development

    Objective: What this course will do for you and what's included

  2. 2 Understanding the App Development Process

    Objective: Understand the stages of software development

  3. 3 Identifying Target Audience and User Needs

    Objective: Understand what a user persona is & build yours

  4. 4 Creating a Concept and Wireframing

    Objective: Have a clear app concept and a visual wireframe

  5. 5 Building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

    Objective: Understand the concept and significance of an MVP in the app development process

  6. 6 Introduction to No-Code App Development Platforms

    Objective: Understand the different no-code platforms (pros & cons)

  7. 7 Pros & Cons of No-Code

    Objective: Understand the pros and cons of no-code platforms

  8. 8 Exploring App Builders and Platforms

    Objective: Explore several no-code platforms

  9. 9 Choosing the Right Development Platform

    Objective: Narrow down a short list of platforms to build your app on

  10. 10 Setting Up Your Development Environment

    Objective: Get your accounts registered and a development process decided

  11. 11 Components of Apps

    Objective: Understand the categories and components of apps & their relationship to each other

  12. 12 Data Relationships & Flow

    Objective: Understand how data flows in an app and the multiple types of data relationships

  13. 13 External Data Sources

    Objective: Understand what an external data connection is and how it can help/hurt your app

  14. 14 Defining Your Requirements

    Objective: Understand app and user requirements

  15. 15 Stay Focused on the MVP

    Objective: Stay focused on your MVP!

  16. 16 What is "Scope Creep?"

    Objective: Understand what scope creep is and how to avoid it

  17. 17 Prototyping and Testing

    Objective: Understand the testing process and how to verify what is working and what isn't

  18. 18 Building Functionality with No-Code Tools

    Objective: Get more practice & experience with building inside no-code platforms

  19. 19 3-Step Design Rule

    Objective: Understand and practice the 3-step design rule and apply to your app

  20. 20 Over-The-Shoulder

    Objective: Understand what "over-the-shoulder" learning is in development

  21. 21 Waitlist Process

    Objective: Understand what the waitlist process is and how to use it to launch

  22. 22 Systems Overview

    Objective: Understand the importance of systems with your app

  23. 23 Beyond the Launch

    Objective: Develop a post-launch plan for your app

  24. 24 Publishing on Google Play

    Objective: Know what is required to get your app on the Google Play Store

  25. 25 Publishing on The App Store

    Objective: Know what is required to get your app on the Apple App Store

  26. 26 Publishing on the Web

    Objective: Know what is required to get your app live as a PWA (web-app)

  27. 27 App deployment and launch strategies

    Objective: Consider launch strategies and choose your own

  28. 28 App marketing and promotion

    Objective: Understand the various aspects of app marketing

  29. 29 Scaling and monetizing your app

    Objective: Understand the concept of app scalability and why it's crucial for accommodating growth in users, features, and data.

  30. 30 Partnerships

    Objective: Understand the significance of partnerships and how they can benefit your app development journey.

  31. 31 Paid Ads

    Objective: Understand the role of paid advertising in your app marketing strategy and how it complements organic growth efforts.

  32. 32 App Store Optimization

    Objective: Understand the importance of optimization in enhancing your app's functionality and efficiency.

  33. 33 Continuous Improvement

    Objective: Explore the principle of continuous improvement and how it contributes to the long-term success of your app.

  34. 34 Events Calendar

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